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episode 2.

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equal rights.

Thinking out loud (dangerous)… If this country was founded on the principle that everyone is free and also to escape the religiosity of England, then why are we holding our laws up against religion (read: Christianity)? Oh, it doesn’t make sense? That’s right. It doesn’t make sense at all. Now that I’m an American, I’ve decided to become politically inclined (also dangerous). Next time you say: this person does not have the right to do this and that, well, think about how you would feel if someone told you the same thing. It’s simple: it’s not fair. If people want to get married, let them, what’s it to you? You want to protect your children and the sanctity of marriage? Fair enough: you shouldn’t get married or have children because you have no common sense. I think that’s it for this tirade. Equal rights. 

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