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I thought this was pretty impressive. Or maybe I was impressed cause it was pretty.


a unique goal

mila: it’s important to state that I am not making a unique venture in what I’m about to divulge. So let’s just pretend. anyway, I bought this book and after being recently inspired by the film, I decided I need to learn how to cook properly. I want to understand all the basics: how to cook a steak/chicken, what all the cooking terms mean, how to shop for produce/meat, etc. It’s a skill worth acquiring and though I want to be a healthy cook/eater, I figure this is the staple cookbook that everyone should have in their kitchen and I can learn a lot from the three ladies. Maybe I can navigate myself around the unhealthy parts, but even if I can’t at least I can learn a thing or two. So, I think I’m gonna cook my way through this book and maybe even blog about it. Cause I’m original.

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