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I really do have a thing for Dr. Oz. He has the best show on television right now, at least one that’s worth a damn. Anyhow, learned about the lymphatic system, that was cool. Basically, whatever your veins and arteries can’t handle, your lymphs take it on. Imagine a spider’s web, alongside the veins and arteries in your body, that web represents the lymph. So they are everywhere! They are essential to keeping your body functioning properly (obviously) and remember if you notice anything funny (see below) please go see a doctor. Not only can lymphatic system get infected but cancer can also appear in this part of your body in a deadly form called Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The good doctor said that massage is really important because it stimulates the lymphatic system. You can even give yourself a little lymph node massage. Sounds dirty. Make a Boy Scout salute with both hands and press down on the nodes right under your ears and push downward toward your clavicle bone. So you’re almost sweeping across an iPad except the iPad is your neck.



This year nearly 70,000 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer. Take Dr. Oz’s 10 second cancer test to see if you are at risk. But first here are two risk factors:

1. Lighter color hair or eye color (means less melanin)
2. One or more severe sunburns (skin cells get damaged after two burns!)

Ready to take the test? Get a pencil and follow this:

A: Asymmetry (normal moles/spots are symmetrical)
B: Border (should be smooth)
C: Color (should be consistent all over)
D: Diameter (eraser should be able to cover a mole or freckle)
E: Evolution (every year, look at your skin)

If you are concerned about the results of this at-home test, go see a doctor.

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