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saddle bag.

if I had money to spend frivolously I would use it to buy this pretty little thing by Patricia Nash, dubbed “Barcellona.”



midnight in paris.

I’m not a huge Woody Allen fan. Or let’s just say I was until he married his daughter. Apparently everyone is okay with this but I still think it is weird. I admit I’m hardly one to judge but come on, adopted or biological, your child is your child.

I’m done with my rant. I liked this film. I thought it was airy and fun. It was fantastical and so out of the realm of possibility but I guess that’s what movies are for… I loved Owen Wilson, but then again I always do cause I think he’s always acting like himself. Owen is genuinely likable and lovable; it is easy to relate to him. Rachel McAdams was kind of a dud in this one, I’m gonna admit, I want to bite my words but I can’t, which is sad cause I usually like her. Maybe I was totally distracted by all the belts she wore throughout the film. Who knows? I will say that I do love Marion Cotillard and felt this role was perfect for her. And of course, Kathy Bates For people who enjoy literature and art you will find this story littered with inside jokes. It’s never that great when a movie makes you feel unintelligent. And there were some oldies in my crowd and I hated it when they would laugh at some punch line that I didn’t understand. I don’t like being in the dark, but then again it isn’t my fault I wasn’t an art history major with an english lit minor in college. Sounds like I’m ranting again… I laughed some and I enjoyed it enough. If you’re a writer or something close to it I think you’ll also find it enjoyable to see Owen’s character ride the wave of writing a novel.

oh, and I want to go to Paris now…

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