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I really do have a thing for Dr. Oz. He has the best show on television right now, at least one that’s worth a damn. Anyhow, learned about the lymphatic system, that was cool. Basically, whatever your veins and arteries can’t handle, your lymphs take it on. Imagine a spider’s web, alongside the veins and arteries in your body, that web represents the lymph. So they are everywhere! They are essential to keeping your body functioning properly (obviously) and remember if you notice anything funny (see below) please go see a doctor. Not only can lymphatic system get infected but cancer can also appear in this part of your body in a deadly form called Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The good doctor said that massage is really important because it stimulates the lymphatic system. You can even give yourself a little lymph node massage. Sounds dirty. Make a Boy Scout salute with both hands and press down on the nodes right under your ears and push downward toward your clavicle bone. So you’re almost sweeping across an iPad except the iPad is your neck.


liver cancer.

Another scary cancer…This cancer is hard to diagnose because you could have liver disease and still feel good. If you fall into the risk factors, go get screened… Usually an ultrasound can pick up a tumor on the liver but sometimes it can’t.

Risk factors:

1. Apple-shaped bodies. Why? It’s associated with diabetes, fatty liver and obesity.

Weight tip: You never want your waist size to be more than half of your height.

2. Heavy alcohol consumption. It inflames your liver because your liver tries to regenerate itself and ends up causing scar tissue.

3. No added sugars.

4. Hepatitis B. You can get a vaccine for this. Go get one especially if you’re over 40 because chances are you haven’t had that vaccination.

Good luck. And thanks to Dr. Oz for this great palatable information!

esophageal cancer.

A growing cancer, by the time esophageal cancer is detected, it has already spread and it basically becomes inoperable. It could be lurking in your throat… If your throat has been bugging you, go to a doctor if you feel something isn’t right. Also, here are the three big risk factors:

1. Eating a high-acid diet (caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, breath mints, raw tomato and raw garlic)
2. Cigarette smoking (the nicotine loosens the muscle that keeps the esophagus attached to the stomach)
3. Barrett’s esophagus (caused by longtime acid reflux)

Solutions for this type of cancer: wait three hours to go to sleep after dinner, treat heartburn with acid blockers, and get a nasal esophagoscopy (colonoscopy for the throat).

brain cancer.

Not all headaches lead to brain cancer, but some can. It is one of the fastest growing cancers around. If they are accompanied by seizures, wakes you up at night or in the morning, loss of vision- see a doctor. If there’s a tumor present in your brain, the blood vessels can swell due to carbon dioxide intake and it squeezes on the tumor, and the whole brain puts pressure on your skull thereby causing the headache. Risk factors: over 50, if you’ve had 3 or more CAT scans to your neck and head area, and heavy cell phone use (debatable but limit your exposure). Solutions to stave off brain cancer? Use an earpiece with your cell phone, keep a two-week headache diary (logging example here), and eliminate cooked ham, processed pork & fried bacon.

pancreatic cancer.

pancreatic cancer is the supposedly one of the scariest cancers around. why? Because by the time you detect symptoms, it may already be too late to cure by surgery. The pancreas sits in the back, behind the stomach, next to the large intestines and the gallbladder is nearby. So it basically is hidden but is part of the digestive system so if it goes, it can be really bad news. When the cancer starts to grow on the pancreas, it spreads and you almost begin to digest your own pancreas. And since I am always watching Dr. Oz, you can gather that I got this info from his episode on cancer. Who should on top of pancreatic cancer screenings? First, look at your family history for your risk factors. So if one or both of your parents have had pancreatic, ovarian or breast cancer (or even just one other family history) you should definitely get checked. Another risk factor is alcoholism or even just enough that damages your pancreas (sugary drinks fall into this category too). If you have type 2 diabetes, you could also be at risk. How to stave off cancer? Cut fatty red meats & processed meats, add 2 servings of red & yellow veggies (cause they contain flavinoids) to your meals, and take 750 mg of curcumin twice daily.

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