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die antwoord.


liver cancer.

Another scary cancer…This cancer is hard to diagnose because you could have liver disease and still feel good. If you fall into the risk factors, go get screened… Usually an ultrasound can pick up a tumor on the liver but sometimes it can’t.

Risk factors:

1. Apple-shaped bodies. Why? It’s associated with diabetes, fatty liver and obesity.

Weight tip: You never want your waist size to be more than half of your height.

2. Heavy alcohol consumption. It inflames your liver because your liver tries to regenerate itself and ends up causing scar tissue.

3. No added sugars.

4. Hepatitis B. You can get a vaccine for this. Go get one especially if you’re over 40 because chances are you haven’t had that vaccination.

Good luck. And thanks to Dr. Oz for this great palatable information!

whiten teeth, naturally.

we like whiter teeth but not the kind that blinds you. mix some baking soda with some mashed up strawberry, paste it on, leave the concoction on your teeth for about a minute, then brush and rinse! I got this little tidbit by, you didn’t guess did you? Dr. Oz! Love love him.


the fight for a fat fighter. Let’s all just stop looking (and fighting) and focus in on safflower for a minute. An age old secret weapon, first discovered in Egypt over 4,000 years ago. It comes in oil form and supplement form (and others of course). I was watching this really awesome episode of Dr. Oz, which is how I came upon this knowledge. And, not like this matters, but Montel Williams swears by it (lost two inches in 11 weeks without even trying although he tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle). Apparently it is designed to be eaten thirty minutes before you eat, and it helps shift the craving for that sugary dessert afterward. Other ways to get this omega-6 fatty acid it… Look for 6 mg. of linolenic acid in the supplement form. Look for 7-10 g polyunsaturated fat when looking for an oil. Sunflower seeds can also be eaten (3 tsp. a day) to get those same benefits. An Ohio University study showed that although women didn’t lose weight while on the oil, they did lose a good amount of body fat. And then Oz asked a panel of doctors their opinion and they were split. So he said, try it for three months, see what happens. I’m all for that, why not?

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