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die antwoord.



don’t know why, but I like this song right now, at this very moment. 

underarm hair is never cute.

even if you’re lady gaga. this was found at here.


soulful. genuine. talented.
I am currently loving her latest album, 21. Seldom does a singer make a fresh, poetic and strong appearance on the music scene, currently littered with auto-tuned “artists”. Adele is young but her voice is wise, a true instrument, rarely relied upon these days. From the tribal thumping in Rolling in the Deep and Rumour Has It to the perfectly sung notes of Set Fire to the Rain and Turning Tables, this album is the kind of CD that I wouldn’t mind being stuck in my player for a while…


One of the best things to bust out during a weird quiet moment at the office: this.


mila: Not gonne lie. I want to rock this so bad. It’s brilliant. I don’t understand it and I don’t want to. All I know is I want one. But! If I had to explain it’s concept (I’m just stealing this from the site), apparently, it is a virtual matrix of piano keys and faders (each assigned with MIDI messages) and when they’re triggered, depending on how much time your hand is placed over it (in the air) corresponds to the virtual key/fader. So simple. And it sounds so awesome. Looks like an instrument for The Fuzzy Tree. Too bad it’s not available yet- this is why showing off a concept that rocks is a bad thing.

bon iver

for emma, forever ago. kills me every time… every night to be exact.

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