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i’ve decided to do something new. when I feel compelled to share a word that I feel we should all use in our vocabularies…I will share it.

cathartic can best be explained as an adjective.

a feeling of purification.
a feeling of purgation.

spiritually. emotionally. both. separately.

a feeling of renewal.
a therapeutic experience.

usually through art.

how you can use this in your daily life:

“I watched Revenge of the Nerds. It had a cathartic effect on me.”

who thought of this? The Greeks. Who else?



mila: these books are probably the best tools for a writer. they are beautiful, sleek and easy to carry. if I’m going to write into something it needs to be aesthetically pleasing and not distracting- moleskine definitely has this down. also it doesn’t hurt when the company prides itself on letting the consumer know that Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwin all used this legendary notebook. it’s a great marketing tool because stupid people like me will think they will become one of the greats if they buy and write in them.

a farewell to arms.

best book ever.

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