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Sleepless Nights?

Safe to say that everyone I talk to does not sleep well and definitely does not get enough of it. Dr. Oz was saying that when we sleep our body replenishes our immunity, so when we don’t get sleep then we are more susceptible to all the bad stuff. It is important to shoot for at least 7 hours a night. Dropping it down to even 5 hours increases your death risk to 15%. If you need a natural sleep aid, try Astragalus Root supplement, 400 mg per day to be taken an hour before you go to bed. Happy sleeping!


Curb Your Sugar Intake.

We all tend to have an issue with sugar. It tastes great and is found in all our comfort foods. But what does sugar do the second it goes in your mouth? Watching Dr. Oz demonstrate, sugar sets off a fire storm in your body because it is an inflammatory. And eventually it rusts your insides. Cutting sugar out of your diet forever is pretty much impossible. So what can you do? Add anti inflammatory foods to each of your meals daily. Eat 7 walnuts at breakfast, celery sticks at lunch and fresh garlic at dinner. Simple enough.

Rehabilitate Your Liver

If you drink a lot or at least fear the damage you’ve done to your liver, then this little tincture might be for you. From that same Dr. Oz episode where I wrote about cholesterol, here is a simple fix. 30 drops of Milk Thistle Extract in a glass of water daily can help reverse lover damage.

Lower Your Cholesterol

Do you have high cholesterol? If your LDL is high and you fear heart disease and attacks then this natural remedy may be for you. I was watching Dr. Oz and he had a naturopathy doctor on and they said that yo-to dieting can lead to high cholesterol. If you’ve yo-yo’d at least five times in your life then your risk for a heart attack is pretty great. They said that a simple fix could be by adding Brewer’s Yeast to your diet. 1-2 tablespoons per day, mixed in with your food can help curb the icky blood vessel stickers.

meditation challenge: day ten

Today’s Centering Thought: I am one with the breath of life.
Sanskrit Mantra: So hum. (I am.)

I’ve learned the importance of breathing as silly as that sounds. Most of us don’t even pay attention to our breath throughout our days… But it has so much to do with how we feel. When we’re experiencing pain or anxiety our breath stops leaving us feeling frozen and helpless. I have found that real deep breathing, starting from the naval on up is the way to really get your calm on. In yoga and in this meditation, the word prana is used to describe your life force, the source of your energy which is your breath… Without it you are non-existent of course. What is important is to focus on your breath at least one time in your day because it will help you feel energized if you let it.

meditation challenge: day nine

Today’s Centering Thought: My outer world, reflects my inner world.
Sanskrit Mantra: Sat Chit Ananda (Existence, Consciousness, Bliss)

How do we create balance in our lives? By creating your environment, which will in turn reflect inside. I think there’s something to this… When I am diligent about yoga, meditation and healthy eating, it just makes me want to be productive and do good. But it is hard to keep it up, which is okay considering it’s human nature to fall as long as we get up again.

meditation challenge: day eight

Today’s Centering Thought: With awareness, I create healthy habits.
Sanskrit Mantra: Om Kriyam Namah (My actions are aligned with cosmic law.)

Here we go onto week two! Also, my yoga challenge is almost at a close- pretty crazy.

Chopra explains that whenever we have an experience our mind is either: unconscious, aware or self-aware.
Usually we are most developed in the unconscious and aware modes. The former keeps us living: breathing, heart beating, etc. This is also what operates our habits. But when you’re breathing and you’re actively controlling it, then you’re aware of it. Chopra stresses that to get to our true selves we need to be able to be self-aware. It is self-awareness that can fix old habits. An example is that when you’re sad, you know you’re sad, you’re aware of that but to know why you’re sad then you’re getting toward the mode of self-awareness. It’s where we can start to control ourselves in our lives, make healthy choices, habits, etc.

I think it’s hard to be in this mode though because then your reality changes and then everything shifts. But I know it’s necessary to live the way I want to: happily and healthily.

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