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i saw the exquisite work of Haroshi last night. He was in the house of Huf, which wound up as a crazy party. It’s cool to see that this kind of creativity still exists in a tangible way. This artist takes old skateboards and spins them into amazing pieces of art. check out more pieces here.



love this volcanic eruption. 


mumbai attacked, again.


 today, Mumbai was attacked by terrorists once again in a multiple bombing, which left over a dozen people dead and nearly 100 injured. this hurts my heart because it’s Mumbai and it’s where all my Indian relatives live. Also, I was there when the attacks in 2008 occurred and that was a scary experience. Read more about the recent events here

CNN. We’re famous!

mila: Well, Ashley… Looks like we’ve made it! If you want to read about how awesome we are, feel free… Though you won’t find us mentioned in the article itself… But! That’s Ashley’s face and my name is scribbled on the upper right hand corner of the photograph. CNN… Doesn’t get any bigger than that folks. Man we’re awesome.

yelp… shady?

mila: I read this today on the la weekly blog (

On the Fritz(i)

mila: We have no idea what Elisabeth Fritzi looks like at her present age (43) but we know everything about her (her father raped her life resulting in multiple pregnancies, oh, and she was locked up in the basement and never saw the light of day until last year). And the latest on her is, she is no longer in therapy because she fell in love with her bodyguard. This is just… I mean, really? I think it was bound to happen… If we look at it psychologically, she’s fallen in love with her protector, it makes sense, there must be something written about this in some book somewhere. But the fact that this bodyguard let her quit therapy is beyond me., where’s the sense in that?

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