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love knot.

i am obsessed with this delicate little ring by Ariel Gordon. Also, if you buy this little jewel they will donate $50 from every purchase to Doctors Without Borders. love that, always.


saddle bag.

if I had money to spend frivolously I would use it to buy this pretty little thing by Patricia Nash, dubbed “Barcellona.”



remember Jane Magazine? Or maybe even Sassy? Well, founding editor, Jane Pratt has created a website called xoJane “where women go when they are being selfish, and where their selfishness is applauded.” I’ve perused the website and must say that I kinda like it and would look at it often to check out the DIY beauty advice, latest fashions and some of the celeb columns- like the one written by Courteney Cox where she raves about her favorite products. I’m girl, I like this sort of thing and if you are too then it’s worth checking out.


bear trap.

what’s there not to like about this? (Besides the price…)

underarm hair is never cute.

even if you’re lady gaga. this was found at here.

found: a star wars inspiration.

these steampunk-esque masks look something familiar… Could this be where George Lucas might have looked for a little inspiration for Darth Vadar and C-3PO’s costumes? Having German and Parisian roots, these smoke helmets were worn by firefighters in the 1800s. Hmm… Seems pretty likely or else too uncanny.

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