meditation challenge: day seven

Today’s Centering Thought: My body is a magnificent vehicle that connects me to Spirit.
Sanskrit Mantra: Lam. (opens the root chakra, which allows you to feel grounded.)

It’s been one week! I hope those that read this will consider joining me over these next two weeks. I’m coming up on the last three days of my 40-day yoga challenge, which has been pretty awesome and insane (in a good way!). Allowing yourself to open up to this sort of thing takes a lot of courage, I’ve come to realize… As long as you’re doing something positive for yourself, who cares what other people think. If anything, all these challenges are helping me to become a better me at the end of the day. I think that’s all I can really ask for- to be better than I was yesterday.

This first week of Chopra/Oprah’s challenge focused on our bodies, namely our health. That we must treat our bodies with respect and love so that it can carry us freely, happily and healthily through our lives. When our health is intact, our spirit is given the space it needs to connect us to our lives. The point is to live richly, deeply and meaningfully and to do this we need a good machine: our body.

Here’s to week two!

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