meditation challenge: day three

Today’s Centering Thought: My mind and body are in perfect sync.
Sanskrit Mantra: Sham. (repeating this mantra awakens the third eye chakra: intuition)

What happens when you use your intuition to make decisions? Usually the right thing. We tend to call this our instinct or gut reaction. When we go with how we feel opposed to what our over-thinking mind tells us to do, things usually go the way they’re meant to. When our brain steps in, rationale takes hold and let the analyzing begin!

Using Ayurveda principles to attune your mind and body – attain that synchroncity, we look at the three doshas, which are the energies that make up each individual.

The first is Vata, which controls movement. Second is Pitta, which controls metabolism. Third is Kapha, which controls growth.

Though every human being has all three doshas usually one or two dominate. This is your blueprint. It makes up your physiology and personality. Using this knowledge helps you gain the balance you need for perfect health.

I’m definitely Vata dominant.

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