meditation challenge: day one.

lately I’ve been doing yoga. A LOT of yoga. I decided to take a 40-day challenge at a really awesome place in Los Angeles where yoga is fused with meditation. I didn’t realize how much I needed meditation in my life. It’s weird because I grew up in a Hindu family, so that sort of thing was quite prevalent in my upbringing. But as a kid, or as me as a kid, I only paid a quarter attention to what was going on. In hindsight, I probably would have paid a lot more attention, but the past is where it is.

Last year, I took Deepak Chopra’s meditation challenge…but I didn’t complete it. I felt lame because really how hard was it? But oh well right? During this 40-day challenge, (by the way, I’m on day 31) I’ve been taught a lot about meditating, in that you do your best, you do what you can do at that moment. And the same thing goes for yoga- they call it a “practice” for a reason because you’re always improving upon and becoming more proficient at the skill. This totally helped put the whole thing in perspective: do what you can do and don’t beat yourself up over what you didn’t do. It’s a waste of time and energy.

So! Deepak and Oprah teamed up to bring a 21-day meditation challenge. It started today. The theme for this challenge is Perfect Health. The breakdown goes as follows:

Week One: Prepare yourself for perfect health.
Week Two: Techniques to bring balance in your life.
Week Three: Integrate the previous weeks to live in perfect health.

Today’s Centering Thought: I commit to living in perfect health.
Sanskrit Mantra: Om Bhavam Namah (translation: I am absolute existence. I am a field of all possibilities.

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