another solar flare.


what is that? Oh, just a flare. It erupted from Active Region 11598- say the scientists at SDO (Nasa’s Solar Dynamic Observatory), which is a solar-dedicated telescope monitoring the sun’s activity constantly. When this impulsive flare was captured it was seen as a flash of bright white light coming off of the sun’s surface last night. What does all of this mean? Basically we’re all gonna die. Just kidding, maybe. Solar flares occur on sun spots and is usually the cause of super high magnetic activity (read: radiation). This one happened to rank extraordinarily high- in the X class, which is the most powerful the sun’s storms. Eek! What’s cool about it? Coronal mass ejections (plasma) shoots through space and when it gets to Earth it can cut off radio communication and power due to geomagnetic forces. Feel safe? Didn’t think so. Expect even more solar fun in 2013, when the sun’s magnetic activity will be at its peak! Woo-hoo. But let’s look on the literal bright side here, if you’re down for some auroras action, make sure to watch the northern and southern lights for some fancy color washes.   

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