pancreatic cancer.

pancreatic cancer is the supposedly one of the scariest cancers around. why? Because by the time you detect symptoms, it may already be too late to cure by surgery. The pancreas sits in the back, behind the stomach, next to the large intestines and the gallbladder is nearby. So it basically is hidden but is part of the digestive system so if it goes, it can be really bad news. When the cancer starts to grow on the pancreas, it spreads and you almost begin to digest your own pancreas. And since I am always watching Dr. Oz, you can gather that I got this info from his episode on cancer. Who should on top of pancreatic cancer screenings? First, look at your family history for your risk factors. So if one or both of your parents have had pancreatic, ovarian or breast cancer (or even just one other family history) you should definitely get checked. Another risk factor is alcoholism or even just enough that damages your pancreas (sugary drinks fall into this category too). If you have type 2 diabetes, you could also be at risk. How to stave off cancer? Cut fatty red meats & processed meats, add 2 servings of red & yellow veggies (cause they contain flavinoids) to your meals, and take 750 mg of curcumin twice daily.

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