I am irritated about hypocrisy. I see so much of it now in my day to day life… Right now I choose to be angry at people’s behavior…Social networking. When used incorrectly, with ill intent, it can be a poisonous sword. When it comes down, swinging it’s stinging blade, forget about it, it’s over. I have seen the best people become the worst kind. I have seen the regular people become even more average. Isn’t there something sad about seeing someone who once had so much mystique become brutally demystified on this form of communication? Why does everyone want to be their own version of a celebrity? And what’s wrong with our culture that we even put that sort of importance on fame? All culture cares about is acquisition- more and more, more wealth, more power, more greed, more to lose, more to gain, the list goes on. A lot is never good enough, good isn’t good enough, being bad isn’t bad enough, it’s a typical vicious cycle and I don’t want to be devoured. And I scorn those who choose to relent and let this wave enrapture them, creating little minions who will only perpetuate this behavior, passing it down to the next generation. They don’t stand a chance.

P.S Isn’t it annoying when you see people boast about dropping out of school, not going to college, not doing this or that because apparently they are “above” it or too “cool” for it or simply claim “me-ness“- the typical Millenial perspective (never has a generation been so selfish)? And for some funny reason when it comes to certain areas of their life, they are just average or even lesser than average, thereby nullifying what they sought so hard to prove out before. Another form of hypocrisy. I can talk about it til I’m blue in the face.

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