shooting star.

I’m sitting on a green iron bar chair by the pool, which is lit up- emitting a dark azure glow at my feet. I got a pedicure today but only after a semi-thorough grilling of the salon’s cleanliness S & P.

I come out here every night just to sit and stare at the deep violet sky. I’ve been looking at the same constellations all my life. But what’s beyond all this that gleans for all mankind to see. The thing is, I want to go beyond that…The final frontier so appropriately titled.

I want to know and theorize with the physicists, mathematicians and scientists. Especially Leonard Susskind. I want my brain to explode. Sounds a little dark but I want to keep thinking, deeply. This is the only way I function. What has been done and continues to be done does not interest me enough to bear it for decades to come.

I want to go in. In search of Dark Matter maybe or perhaps trying to understand the particle accelerators. What I have learned about myself is is that I will never be able to live depression free. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, hell, I agree with those that say we are just realists when it comes down to it.

I will always wonder and grow curious. And as I sit here wondering about all the paths that lay before me…Suddenly, a spark or maybe a flash but it was there, just for a brief moment, a shooting star to punctuate my ponderings.

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