I have been inspired by Dr. Oz lately. I think he’s awesome and it’s cool that he just freely gives his knowledge. Well, and by free I mean he gets paid the big bucks to share his doctorial knowledge.

There is more than where this came from, so check back in frequently for more healthy tips to incorporate into your daily routine.

First up: spirulina… We’ve all heard of it but what is it really? According to Dr. Oz’s site:

Microalgae from the ocean and uncontaminated lakes, including blue-green algae, spirulina, chlorella, seaweed and kelp are easy-to-digest, high-protein and high-energy supplements – and contain over a 100 trace minerals!

Here is a good tip from an episode I watched the other day:

Dr. Oz’s Energy Cubes

Dr. Oz’s Energy Cubes are made with two energy boosters: spirulina and lime juice. Combined, they are shown to help boost your mood. A true miracle from the sea, spirulina is an excellent source of protein. This blue-green algae, available in powder and supplement form at health food stores, boosts energy by unlocking sugar from your cells so it does not get stored as fat.

Dr. Oz’s Energy Cubes

1 tsp spirulina powder
12 oz lime juice

Combine ingredients; pour into ice cubes trays and freeze. (The cold from the ice also works to wake you up and help boost metabolic energy.)

Add 2 energy cubes to water, fruit or vegetable juices daily.

For a true breakdown of spirulina’s nutritional analysis check over here.

Personally, I just add a teaspoon to my superfood shake: kale, banana, coconut, date, cashew + water & spirulina = power punch for a breakfast meal!

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