In Baltimore. My good friend is graduating from the University of Maryland. I think these types of accomplishments are underrated these days. Sure, most of us working folk are college graduates but there’s a vast majority out there without degrees. That’s cool too. Whatever your life is, as long as you had a choice or even a chance for higher education, as long as that option was given then I don’t give a shit if you went or not. Sometimes it’s cool to hate on school, or even that you’re better off not having gone. I’m not sure how I can be objective on the matter since I also attended college and graduated with a degree. Overall, it probably doesn’t really matter; after all the great minds didn’t attend college- most even dropped out before high school. That’s cool. Everything is a choice I suppose. I think I’m just unveiling a pet peeve of mine- people who are insecure and make fun of stuff just because they don’t like it or didn’t do it. It’s weird.

My aversion to anything positive was tested. Speeches. I kinda hate em. Have to be honest right? I just think it’s funny and weird that everyone is subject to any one person’s perspective. But I learned something. move. That was the theme of the graduating class of 2012. My good friend’s band was even quoted,

I dare you to move.

I liked the idea of moving forward. Just keep moving. Keep achieving. Keep striving for more cause life doesn’t stop. Pretty basic- anything worth listening to is that simple. Also expressed was the idea behind work and having a job. I have long hated the idea of disliking what I did for a living. I never wanted to be that person depicted as the average American worker- slaving away from dawn to dusk and going home only to sit in front of the television. Yeah. Right. No thank you. Check please.

The most unassuming government official, John Berry, spoke to the class (and all the proud onlookers). The most important thing he said,

If you find yourself working for a bad person – walk away. No matter how much they pay you or how much power they offer. Walk away.

True, nothing is worth that compromise. Yes. I loved that. The man in charge of human resources for our country told eager job seekers to quit under circumstances most deem normal. I respect it because that ought to be considered normal. It’s common sense. When a baby is unhappy (in whatever sense) he/she let’s everyone know. Kids are some of the most honest people I know. They don’t really do something unless they want to. I want adults to behave that way.

I cannot conclude this essay, I’m tired now.

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