psychiatry has got a bad rap. or is it rep? rap, rep, whichever, it has a bad one. Or maybe the millenials don’t see it that way. The way everyone before them saw it. Cast in such a dark, long, long shadow. The human brain, one’s mental state. Is it really all circuitry? Is everything really compartmentalized? Can chemistry really be relied on without any concrete evidence that would point to its existence? 

questions. lead to more questions. I don’t get it, I don’t pretend to (okay, maybe I do pretend to), I want to get it but if I try or rather, when I try, it just leads right back to the start. Cyclical, round and round. How are thoughts formed? Opinions made…Feelings felt…Knowledge earned. Cyclical, round and round.  

the electric charge that sets autonomy in motion, is it simply turned off upon death? what creates that vivacity, veracity and light in a someone? The soul. Maybe. Who knows what it is really. But we can all agree that it is something and that something is definitely gone when a person dies. Just vanishes. Like it was never there to begin with. Sort of maddening.  

i don’t get it, I don’t pretend to- or do I? maybe. 

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