tide change.

lately, I have noticed the change in many relationships. Some, maybe even most, for the better yet there are a select few that have changed for the worse. I don’t know what it is. Maybe a series of events leads to the fruition of one or the destruction of another.
Personally, I am currently proud of myself for making strides in becoming a better communicator. I have truly come a long way in that department. And even though I should be feeling good right about now, I can’t help but want to fix the bad ones or the ones left unfinished.
I, as many of you, do not stand for any sort of disrespect. It’s just plain rude; grow a set of manners. I think it is weird when people talk down to you. Do they feel so little about themselves that they have to externalize and project it on you? I loathe this type of behavior. Life is too damn short to put up with this, let alone any, sort of bullshit. Sadly, like me, most of us just resign and put up with it because we figure life is as such. But inside of me a voice screams out,

Hell no! Your days are numbered. Don’t waste your time with these irrelevant issues.

So then I get stuck and can’t figure out how to proceed. How to communicate to a tall, stone wall?
Then there’s the kind with regret. You let time go by and death beat your move. This sort of thing leaves a gaping hole in your heart sometimes. Sure, time shrinks it a bit but the wound is still there and it still hurts. I wish I had seen and spoken to my friend Lee before he passed away. I feel sick thinking about how I didn’t even get to say goodbye. This one aches.
Then there’s the one that just won’t talk to you anymore. What is that really? How can someone who loved you just be perfectly fine not talking to you forever? I guess to some it makes sense but to me, it really doesn’t, at all. This is the part of me that says

I can fix anything!

but reality fights back and wins. I put my piece out there, I will wait for the reciprocation.
Relationships are ever evolving. They don’t stop changing. That’s pretty much a guarantee. The tides have changed and they will change once more.

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