levon: part I.

the man, the myth, the legend. One of those people that is a true diamond in a very rough world. Born in Arkansas, Levon Helm retained that Southern drawl in an exceptional journey throughout the world of rock & roll. This story, I was not ready to tell, and will not be able to express everything I would ever wish to in order to do his legacy justice. But I will try.

I was maybe 18 or 19 when I first learned of The Band.  I heard them through a boyfriend and our friends, his bandmates. They were instantly hooked while I slowly warmed up to these musical pioneers. I’m actually afraid to mention The Last Waltz because it was always a sensitive subject for Levon. But to the uninformed, that film was pretty epic. In the end, it touched many and that, I know, Levon would feel would be the only good that came of making that “documentary.” I know the stories behind the stories. I read This Wheel’s On Fire, Levon’s biography, and could not put it down. Talk about a great storyteller. There are very few that come to mind that I can say was a genuine storyteller; Levon was one of those rare few. I remember being folded up into a chair at their kitchen table, my laptop before me, my fingers tapping away furiously- trying to keep up with Levon’s electrifying tales. 

When I was 20, I graduated from college, I got my first job, I lost my first job. I flew out to Woodstock, New York to live with my boyfriend, Levon and Sandy Helm. I don’t think many people can actually say that sentence. Actually, I’m pretty certain no one can. I had a unique experience, one of those “moon stories” I suppose. 

I remember flying into Albany, New York, excited, tired and cold. I jumped into a dark Saab only to be greeted by a vibrant figure, Lee, smiling ear to ear, confirming my beauty and saying, “Welcome home.”

Home. We pulled onto a vast property enveloped by darkness and the sound of woodland creatures. I was told that “my loft” was ready and waiting for my arrival. And this was only the beginning…  

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