I hate admitting my weaknesses, especially ones that I’ve had ever since I could remember. Last year I proudly won the battle and grew my nails out but recently I’ve had a relapse. I was a nail biter turned nail picker. I’m a grosso, I know. But this is my confession.

As I was growing up my mother vehemently tried to cure me of my anxiety-ridden disease. But all attempts failed pretty miserably. Now all grown up my mom still pokes at my “boy hands” hoping I could just have some damn nice-looking nails. I agreed. So I decided I would make my nails an investment. I would get expensive manicures in the form of the new gel trend. And oddly enough this psychosomatic venture actually worked. I got a gel manicure every ten days until my nails got long. Surprisingly, when my nails grew they also became stronger. So I didn’t those expensive manicures anymore. Awesome right? Yeah maybe if I didn’t get totally stressed out from time to time and then take it out on my nails.

Anyway, I’m back to square one and I’m gonna try and document it here. Let’s call this week one!

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