this is an experiment. It isn’t like I have any followers let alone any reading passersby. So I guess I have nothing to lose. I admit now that I know nothing. I was born knowing of not one thing. I grew up dreaming. By the time I was 12 I must say I knew everything and by 17 I really knew what life was all about. And now, ten years later, I have come to realize I seriously don’t know anything at all. This is fine. Accepting the unknown I suppose is the first real step into adulthood but then again what do I know about being an adult? I feel like I’m living in some reverse order- something kind of like 2001 Space Odyssey, just not as epic. My maturity somewhat progresses while my brain shrinks or maybe quite possibly stretches. I’m not sure which but I do know that everyday I try to stave it all off due to self-made pressure of being someone great. I am driven even more crazier by the overwhelming nature of what it means to be alive and how the man-made and unchangeable clock ticks without pausing or rewinding. My mind races so that I cannot rest. I fear that I cannot do what I set out to do. I’m scared to be some hack, just someone ordinary who will not have contributed something significant- something left behind worth being called a legacy. This is how I feel.
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