tree of life.

for me, this film read like a symphony. Or maybe an art installation. It was life-enriching and it was boring, a little bit of both and that’s okay. I think Terence Malick, after all I’ve heard about the history of the filmmaking of this movie, knew exactly what he wanted and certainly achieved it. When you sit down to watch this film you have to be prepared to just sit. It’s worth it, for all intents and purposes, it’s obviously Malick’s masterpiece and it’s respectable. I love the idea of a filmmaker doing what he wants and getting away with it. Of course, I only love it when applies to actual, real-deal filmmakers. Malick’s dissertation is filled with beautiful cinematography arranged against a harmonious soundtrack. With as little dialogue that is involved, the performances were still quite powerful. Sure I sat there and laughed a little bit at the overly dramatic moments, especially any scenes that featured hands… I thought that was a little much but I understood what he was doing. Also, I had a problem with Brad Pitt’s character. When all is said and done, he wasn’t that bad of a father or husband so why is the young Sean Penn character so angry? Maybe cause he was becoming an adolescent? Overall, the children in the film is what blew me away the most. I’m used to great work by Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, and even Jessica Chastain wasn’t that bad though she did irk me from time to time. The kids is where it’s at. They should be nominated for their performances. I am always fascinated when babies act and it comes across so real and powerful. lastly, I really liked the movie, I didn’t fall in love with it, but I could really use it to go to bed (that sounds like an insult but it honestly isn’t) or maybe keep watching it to extract more of what Terence was trying to say…

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