super 8.

you will feel like a kid again. reminiscent of Close Encounters of a Third Kind, E.T, Stand by Me and War of the Worlds, J.J Abrams latest fits in- nice and snug within its likened predecessors. I honestly did not know what to expect when sitting down for this movie but that was to be expected since the plot was a closely guarded secret. Even if I didn’t know what to exactly expect it doesn’t mean I didn’t have high no-expectations, cause I did and that’s never a good thing. I’ve said before that my MO when watching TV/Film is usually to go in with wanting nothing and in return I get more out of it than I would if I set some sort of unreachable bar, sometimes… In any case, being a big Abrams fan, I wanted something amazing to prove that those adventurous coming-of-age kids stories are not a thing of the past. I don’t even like saying it but I think this film was mostly fine and enjoyable. It wasn’t the best but then again if I saw it when I was young I know I would’ve been super stoked. When you’re a kid you think about how awesome it would be if an invasion really happened to your hometown or one hopes to stumble upon some type of conspiratorial mystery that needs solving by some juveniles. When I was watching Super 8, I got distracted by the dialogue, though the banter was witty and funny at times, I felt like it was a smidge too much. But with that said, you can always count on Spielberg to deliver some great kid actors. The movie hung on the shoulders of these kids who comprised the main members of the cast, and the choices were great and felt era-appropriate. I loved that the kids were making a movie and were determined to go to all lengths to make it happen. As per usual, Abrams loves his visual effects and they were truly great but I think he went a little heavy on the lens flares. Also to be expected is a great soundtrack, score and sound design. The 80s backdrop was really accentuated by sing-alongable pop songs of the era. I will always be a fan of Michael Giacchino (who even makes an appearance) who did a wonderful job scoring this film for its impending doom moments and eerie mood swings. The sound effects were pretty amazing, from the spectacular train wreck to the creatures roars, which sound awfully like something from Jurassic Park, hmm…

overall, i approve this film and I wished it had a little more oomph, but I’ll take what I can get. This is the kind of movie that makes you want to make movies.

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