hunger games.

I have finally joined the ranks of the not-so-select few that get to rant and rave about the cast pickings for the currently-filming adaptation of the popolar youth fiction novel, which by the way is an abomination to the super-talented picks I cast in my version of the film. This book was addictive. Don’t know why, it was just catchy like an awesome virus that locks on and doesn’t let go til its done feeding you. That may have been a bit much but there was something strangely fascinating about the perspective of Katniss, a young girl who has to fight to the death at the annual Hunger Games in her country of Panem. Will she make it? Probably, considering there are two other books in the series…it does kind of suck when you know the main character can’t be killed, at least until the trilogy is completed. I am always fascinated by these series’ of youth fiction that take over and become the most popular thing in reading and pop culture.
There is something to be said about a writer who can capture your interest within a second of picking up the book. That sort of talent is not everyday, it’s every once in a great while that an author comes along and opens up your mind and fills it with imaginative stories.

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