blue valentine.

oh man. This was one of those films that just puts you in a funk…sort of. Well, mostly, kind of. I didn’t cry. I wanted to but I wasn’t able to for some reason. I blame the film…naturally. Honestly, just felt that there was no single scene that allowed me to get there. But that’s besides the point, I’m hardly human, so making me cry is nearly impossible. I liked this movie a lot. Although it was depressing and filled with as little hope as possible, the story felt real and the relationships felt genuine. Usually with stories having to do with the unraveling of a romantic relationship, it’s quick and to the point, but this story let it breathe and I appreciated the cross-cutting between the past and the present to juxtapose the “feeling” of the beginning of a relationship versus the ending of one. For anyone who has been through a break-up, this story will really get to you because it’s not sugar-coating anything, just showing how wonderful and easy it is to fall in love and how hard and (most of the time) inevitable it is to fall right out of it… I loved the father-daughter relationship, how goofy Gosling (Dean) was with his daughter Frankie and how dedicated of a dad he was to her even though we later find out that he is not the biological father. I am one of those (many) women who just fall for Ryan Gosling no matter what he’s in (read: most definitely after The Notebook) but I’m no dummy, he has a gift of flirtation and it plays so well on-screen. One of the more interesting elements of his character was the choice to “ugly” him up in the present timeline of the story, Gosling has a receding hairline and gigantic glasses, which was a bit over the top considering only six years (not sixty) had passed since he had first met Michelle Williams’ character. In any case it all played well into the story and just made sense to why their current status was the way it was… Williams (Cindy) was so great, she was so convincing of being a mother (not a stretch I guess, considering she really is a mom) and even more convincing as a wife that doesn’t feel anything for her husband anymore. Michelle Williams has easily become one of my favorite female actors, especially after my second viewing of Shutter Island. Overall, the directing (Derek Cianfrance) was really on point, the cinematography (Andrij Parekh) was raw and the acting was quite powerful.

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