due date.

it’s the funny movie that has heart. I love movies that make you laugh and make you go, Awww. That’s fine, I admit it, it’s true, I’m a human being. This movie is a great follow-up to The Hangover by Todd Phillips (director) because it proves diversity and allows the fans to breathe a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I was and still am a huge fan of The Hangover but sometimes after such a success a director tries to push the same type of comedy over and over, and, well, it gets old fast. Thankfully, using a little bit of foresight and due intelligence, Phillips followed up his mega blockbuster with a good, old-fashioned, buddy, on-the-road comedy. At first I wasn’t sure how this story was going to make any sense. How can two guys who can’t stand each other end up driving across the country together? Well, it happened. And it made a whole lot of sense. It was really smart and kinda clever. Of course it isn’t the story that makes this film, it’s the acting…Zach Galifianikis is the best. He is one of very few people that can make me laugh out loud (LOL). And I have the pleasure of saying that I have seen him live in action and he deserves all the accolades. Talk about smart. This guy is genius and he knows exactly what he’s doing. Juxtaposing his work in The Hangover, Zach brings just as much humor but so much more genuineness to his latest character Ethan Tremblay. Tremblay is an aspiring actor who is moving to Hollywood to realize his dreams of stardom. If that isn’t set-up enough for some hilarity alone, try coupling that with Robert Downey, Jr. who never disappoints. Speaking of genius, this guy is on the entire time and plays so well off of Zach’s goofiness. Downey owns the fact that he’s the straight man and never tries to be anything but and that’s what makes him so awesome. When I first heard about the casting of this film there was no hesitation that it wouldn’t work because I knew it was a match-made in heaven. And I was right. Also, something happens in this film that I’ve never seen done in a comedy before…Has to do with a kid and a tie- in the Juliette Lewis (another brilliant actor who gives everything to her characters) and Todd Phillips (he is no longer “Mr. Creepy” but plays Lewis’ high significant other) scene. I’ve never laughed harder. Well, actually there was a very interesting scene with Sonny, the French bulldog…Just go see it.

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