Well. There’s a lot to say and not enough words or thought to be able to do so. Especially just hours after watching this film. Christopher Nolan is amazing. His style of writing and directing remind me of the great films from the 1990s, which is funny because all of his notable work began right in 2000 (Memento). Leonardo DiCaprio never disappoints. Ever. He is an actor that has and will stand the test of time. From the minute I saw him I knew why I loved him. (Not only cause he’s handsome but because) he is truly such a talent and a force. Leonardo can really make you feel like you’re watching a whole new person every time he is in a new film and that takes a lot of skill. He played his character so well and with such complexity that you were just able to feel his pain with every word or look. You spend a lot of the film not really knowing about his mysterious past but when it is slowly revealed to you his character only goes deeper and more vulnerable that you can’t help but to get pulled in. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was great. I liked him when he first saw angels in the outfield and though I wasn’t sure how he would turn out as an adult actor, I can say he totally gave himself to this role. He played the perfect second man to DiCaprio’s character. Tom Hardy was kind of unexpectedly awesome. I’ve never seen him before and though at first he was a bit off-putting, his was the character that just grew on you until you just loved him. Ken Watanabe is so cool. He is just that kind of actor that is automatically cool without even trying. He is so intriguing and the entire time you feel something greater is going on within without ever really getting to know what that is… Cillian Murphy is so good. He has such a look and way about him that makes it so easy to be taken in by his character. Marion Cotillard is so beautiful and so talented. She really rounded out this cast. I loved her character and the way she played it, which was complicated and downright sexy. Ellen Page was also really good. What was great about her casting was that they went against the expected sex kitten/bombshell character. Page’s character felt plain real and that’s what matters in a film that is dealing with such extraordinary circumstances. The story was fantastic. Another brilliant job of writing by Christopher. He is just so dang good. His ideas are brilliant and his execution even more brilliant. I’ve been hearing that the plot is hard to follow but that’s not true at all. I think that when people are made to feel dumb then they just say things like to make themselves feel better. The dreams versus reality and everything that goes along with it was totally easy to understand and not hard to follow at all. What made it really awesome was the particular detail to the sound design. It was pretty much impeccable and you felt like you were traveling through dimensions. And of course with a score by Hans Zimmer, you can’t lose. Then there’s the visual effects. Insane. So striking. It was as if they mixed Saving Private Ryan with The Matrix and got this awesome, very advanced hybrid effect that felt real but bizarre. The cinematography was truly stunning thanks to the very talented Wally Pfister. Another thing to note about this film was how well done the dream sequences were. I think it’s really hard to re-create dreams of any sort. When you try to tell someone your dreams or someone is telling you theirs, it’s hard to grasp. When you’re in it, it actually feels real yet you know something is off and a bit on the surreal side. Nolan did a wonderful job of doing this. This film is pretty much amazing and is going to be, if not already, huge. And… I want to be an Extractor.

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