Harold & Maude

mila: I wish I made this film. Hal Ashby, I wish you were still around because this film just made my life. It’s one of those movies that reignites the passion for your craft, the reason for why you do what you do in the first place. It’s perfect on so many different levels. It’s what it is and not ashamed of it and not trying to fit any sort of mold but not totally out there so that you can consume it and be satisfied. Just writing about the film makes me want to see it, over and over again until I get sick of it. But that probably wouldn’t happen. It’s a classic. It stands the test of time. And that’s what I aspire for. This is what cinema is. This is the reason I want to do what I’ve always dreamt of doing. This is the kind of film that re-fuels your passion when you don’t think you have it left in you. Man alive. This movie has a piece of my heart.

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