Food Rules

The other day a friend of mine let me borrow Food Rules, an amazing eater’s manual by Michael Pollan. From the moment I opened the book I was captivated and ended up reading it very quickly. Usually I don’t like books that are extreme or ones that have strong opinions, I think it’s because my patience for anything drastically skewed or unnecessarily extremely opinionated just rubs me the wrong way. I believe in being moderate, thinking fairly and accurately, being reasonable and realistic. And Pollan does a fantastic job in doing just that. He presents his findings in such a way that are easy to digest. I also find that his rules are readily adoptable and applying them to your diet is easily doable. There are many things in the book that are common sense-type rules but things that we’ve learned to forget over the years as eaters in America. Being that he is a journalist, his job is to make complicated things easy to understand, and he makes a very confusing thing (eating food) very simple to grasp. In any case, I found his book very interesting and I think everyone should really read it. It will change how you view and consume food (in a good way). The end result for me: I want to live healthy so I must put pure/good/whole food into my body, and the way to do that? Good food, right food, happy food… The rules make it easy.

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