mila: It will be no surprise to anyone who knows me well that I am a bit behind the times. And I don’t care. I choose this lifestyle so that I can enjoy seasons of television at a time without waiting in anticipation for the next season to begin. I’m actually a genius. It’s true. Before I destroy my modesty, I will just go ahead and talk about Showtime’s Weeds… Man. Who knew? I remember when it first came out but I had no interest in watching it and I am so glad I waited. I believe in timing; that you need to be feeling it or ready for it in order to thoroughly enjoy/appreciate the show at hand. Here is a story that on the outside doesn’t seem very original, a woman, a new widower is left to take care of her two children all by herself in a world that is moving on with or without her. However, you throw a little bit of marijuana into the mix and you’ve got yourself something new, exciting and a little bit controversial. The cast is great. Everyone from Mary-Louise Parker (after all she was in Fried Green Tomatoes) to Elizabeth Perkins- they all fit together and play off of each other so well. It really feels as if Argestic is a suburb just down the street from you (if you live in Los Angeles). My favorite character is Andy Botkin (Justin Kirk) who is the typical loser but is so awesomely crafted bybeing a player, a stoner and overall dumb ass. The story is what it is: what the heck happens when a rich suburban housewife/mom has to fend for herself and does so by going into the weed-dealing business? The answer: a lot of crap. A lot of well-written crap at that. I definitely recommend it and I look forward to all the ready-to-watch seasons in store for me.

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