Up In the Air

mila: I have to admit that right before I put the DVD in, I was already hating the film. But then I realized I was being a hater so I cooled my jets. There was not one good reason to hate it, I just hate when things are hyped up cause then I can’t really seem to thoroughly enjoy it… In any case, the title sequence was kind of awesome. I love the birds-eye shots of the United States… It’s something I’ve always been obsessed with since I was a child, every time I fly, I like the window seat so I could see the crop circles, the sectioned bits of land, the wiggly lines of rivers, the car ants, the rough texture of mountains… I also thought the opening song was a very different choice, and I’ve definitely never heard it in a movie before (This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie) and it sort of laid out the idea of the story… When we first see Ryan Bingham (George Clooney) we get the feeling that it’s not going to be a film that makes you feel all cozy but is gonna make you feel pretty crappy, like how real life does! What’s great about Ryan is how he loves his lifestyle and all the perks that come along with his job, which is flying and traveling non-stop. I think what depresses me the most is that I relate to him- I would love to always be on the go, seeing new places and meeting new people without having to really get to know any of them (that sounds bad…) and living in freedom. When Ryan first meets his "kindred-soul-mate" Alex (Vera Farmiga) I must have looked away from the screen because it felt a little bit contrived the way they struck up that ping-pong coversation about their travel endeavors. Who knows. Maybe I’m wrong (even though I don’t think I am). In any case, I like Vera a lot, I felt like her performance was natural and I believed her to be a woman on the go with some sort of lurking secret… Surprisingly, I liked Anna Kendrick who played Natalie Keener, that typical smart girl out of college who thinks she knows everything about life and work. Sadly, I was like Natalie once in my life as well. The relationship between Ryan and Natalie was very well-written, I’m sure that is what Jason Reitman’s focus was while writing the screenplay. I could be totally wrong but what I noticed to be the best dialogue and story points was definitely between these two characters. I wasn’t really sure how the dicodomy would play out between Clooney and Kendrick, but I think she did a great job holding up against him. I think I could just go ahead and give credit to the director for that one. I did find some moments really strange that didn’t make sense to the story and sort of came out of nowhere (1. partygoer asking Julie if she wanted a Xanax – very strange 2. the bizarre cameo of Young M.C rapping "Bust a Move"- made me sad really). Overall, depressing, real and sad. So I liked it. Oh, and I loved the font for the city titles…

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