Julie & Julia

mila: I want to be a chef. Kind of. Not really. But I do want to start cooking more. And I think this woman’s story of learning how to cook by making all of Julia Child’s recipes, is pretty inspiring. And not a bad idea at all. When Julie said that it was like therapy (or something like that) I completely understood what she meant, as I’m sure most people did. It can be relaxing and you feel empowered cause you’re creating and nourishing whomever you are cooking for. In that sense you have a feeling of accomplishment because you have tangibly made something before your very eyes, and in my book, when you can actually see something you worked for there is nothing more satisfying. Why does Meryl Streep win Oscars? Cause she’s good. And she so embodies Julia Child’s persona it is insane. Not that I knew Child but I do remember her being on TV, and Streep does a pretty damn good impression. She is an actress… or maybe the actress. Also a favorite is Amy Adams. I’ve loved her since Enchanted and still love her now. She is so real and is girl’s girl, which is probably why she’s so dang lovable. Overall, the movie was a little slow but that’s okay, it’s really just a character piece.

I’m ready to cook.

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