mila: Depths of sadness explored. A tragedy with a glow of light. At times this film actually made me feel sick, a physical reaction to a non-participatory event; well in some senses you are a non-active participant but when something is merely observed and effects you, something has hit- good and/or bad. There were killer, purely out-of-left-field performances that drove home the story of an unloved, pregnant-by-rape teenager just trying to survive. Precious is a girl who doesn’t know the meaning of joy, enslaved to a life of hardship and abuse. Already a mother to her Down syndrome brother-son, she is carrying her father’s second child, making it a repeat incestuous situation. Although mostly an unidentifiable situation for the majority of viewers, there is a pulse within that connects us strangely to each character. Gabourey Sidibe plays Precious. She is great. Maybe not the star performer of the film but she is exactly who she should be. The character isn’t exactly all that intelligent, but then again her mother told her she was stupid enough times until it took effect. Never been loved, liked or desired she drifts through her days, cooking for her mother and fantasizing about a unattainable life during times of abuse. Mo’Nique, who plays Precious’ mother, is absolutely unwavering. Who once was a straight-shot comedienne, is now one undeniable dramatic actress. She is sure to be an Oscar contender, pushing her to straight to “A” status. Mo’Nique’s performance is immovable as an abusive mother who comes off more than assertive but is deeply pained from years of neglect from her lover. One of the more pleasant surprises is Mariah Carey’s performance as a social worker. She is subtle and on the money the entire time she is on-screen. There is a scene with the three actresses’ that will hold your attention and finally rip apart the seams that hold you together throughout the entire film. Paula Patton plays Miss Rain, Precious’ teacher, the one who gives her some sort of reason to be alive and feel worthwhile. Patton is great, she has heart, she glows- her performance is great and fits right in to even out the arc of the other females in the film. Ms. Rain and Precious share a very intense, tear-jerking scene toward the end, that is so moving it will bring you down without exception (in the best way). With the exception of a few scenes, oddly, almost any emotionally charged moment in the story is immediately interrupted with a fantasy sequence, which should allow you to breathe a bit but it also doesn’t let you feel connected and cry for the characters. Even as the film comes to a close, you still feel so bad for Precious and feel like she will never get a break… Overall, you are left with a feeling of hopelessness, which isn’t always that great a feeling at the end of movies but it sure feels real.

    • Jaye Bhee
    • April 11th, 2010

    I liked Joann. She was my favorite character and kinda hot.

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