Where No Woman Has Gone Before?

Ashley: I just walked out of “Star Trek.” I’m embarrassed to say it took me this long to see it, being that I am a fan. But I am the first to point out my faults. So let me sum this up quick, as I must retire to bed.

Holy crap!

Whatever your thoughts may be on the film, I was blown away. I thought it was incredible. And visually, couldn’t have been more happy with it. Daniel Mindel is one of my favorite cinematographers. He insisted that the film be shot in anamorphic format. Which furthers my argument, you just can’t recreate the look of film yet. And the lens flares. Uh, beautiful. I could go deeper into my appreciation for the visual aspects of the film (and maybe will later), but I have something more important to discuss with you.

I think I’m in love with a Vulcan. Not Zachary Quinto, but perhaps Zachary Quinto AS Spock. Pointy ears, bowl-ish haircut, eyebrows up to there. If I saw him in person, with all that hotness, I don’t believe I’d be able to contain myself. I’ve never really had an attraction to these fantasy-type creatures. I didn’t get the Legolas thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lord of the Rings. I’m just not into skinny dudes with long white hair, who, if I tried hard enough, could probably take him out myself. Being that he’s practically the size of my pinky. And granted he wasn’t packing his trusty bow and arrow.

But… I do get Spock. I think it’s the smart guy thing. Ah man. Gets me every time! I feel like a man in love with Princess Leia when she was a prisoner for Jaba. I get it now. I’m lovesick for Spock.

And doggonit, I was teary-eyed through out the whole film. Happy tears. I haven’t felt that inspired or excited walking out of a movie in a very long time. I was cheering and screaming every time a character was introduced and then began to realize I was THE ONLY person who seemed to be yelling (besides Mila of course who ended up joining me). But you know what? That didn’t stop me. I kept going. In fact, I got louder. For me, it was the movie going experience that I long for. We felt like cadets of the Starfleet, walking out of that theater.

Anyway, to wrap this up so I can head to bed:

I’m basically pining for Spock, hoping he’ll be in my dreams. Where we’ll stay up all night talking of science, solving math equations and playing 3 dimensional chess. He’ll serenade me with the Vulcan lute, he’ll tell me of his innovations in time travel and the warp drive cold start… And me… Well… Bring out his human side.

And that sounded terrible. But I frankly don’t care. Dammit man, I’m in love!

Mila: I’m behind the times. I finally saw the Star Trek film directed by J.J Abrams. And I need to say just one thing: amazing. I’m not a trekkie. I have never even watched a whole episode of any branch of the Star Trek television series. I knew a few monikers but it ended there. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, all I knew is that everyone loved it. When people love a movie it’s hard to go in with the usual low expectations… This film really lived up to the hype. It deserved the praise. The cast was great, the cinematography was beautiful, the sets were immaculate, the story was awesome… There was little to fault in this movie. My only regret is not having watched it with the first audience opening weekend. Alas, that is a great regret to have!

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