(Ashley has left the building…)

I don’t think I will ever eat paneer and naan ever again. Enough said… Okay, not enough said cause it doesn’t make sense otherwise. If anyone knows me and my taste for Indian cuisine, then you know that the two don’t mingle on a regular basis. This is largely due on part of my upbringing. It was the norm to have Indian food brewing in my home, after all, we are Indian. But it got to the point where I was sick of it… Upon reflection I realize that I was never made to eat Indian food, I just didn’t like it in general cause it wasn’t exotic or appealing to me. I was the kid who ate McDonald’s at least four times a week. (I know that is a disgusting admission on my part but ever since I was 14 I stopped eating there.) In any event, when I came to India when I was four (about to turn five) I would not eat anything my family cooked for me… So I starved and died.

Lies. All lies. Not all lies, just that last part. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I don’t know why I joke of things of that sort- I’m stupid. Growing up, I learned that I didn’t like the particular style of cooking that my family is used to, and I figured out that the style I like is more from the northern region of the old country. This time around in India, at my aunt and uncle’s house, they have cooks so I’ve been eating just whatever but very sparingly. Then my family noticed my birdish habits and started asking what I wanted. When we went on the trip up north, I found my paneer and naan in abundance and immediately jumped on the tandoori clay-bandwagon. But when you’re eating the same meal twice a day everyday for a week you’re bound to feel kind of sick and perhaps a little fat? Fine I won’t say fat or else there will be many rolling eyes, but I feel my insides lining up with cholesterol. Is that better?

But I shouldn’t complain, the prices here beat the restaurant prices in America. If you want to feel full or at least have a good, hearty meal, it will cost you about two dollars or under. And if you splurge you top five dollars. It’s the best feeling when you can pick up the bill every time and say, “I’ve got this one.” This is a lie. I have to admit this now before Ashley catches me… We all take turns paying the bill but what is great is that you don’t feel like you’re putting anyone out by letting them treat you to dinner… All in all, I hate cumin, cardamom and mustard seeds.

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