Where Dogs Walk with a Purpose

ashley: When we first stepped out of the airport, one of the first things I noticed were all the stray dogs. Hundreds! Now, I’ve met all the lovely stray dogs on the mean streets of Mehico, but the abundance of orphaned dogs there, can’t even compare to the volume here in India. What’s funny to me, is that they all look the same. They vary a bit in shade, but generally fall in the dirty blond category. On the third day of watching and observing this magnificent species, Mila and I both realized something. These dogs walk with purpose. Serious purpose. They know what they want with life and by george, they’re going to get it. When they cross the street they look both ways, they’ve got their days mapped out. When you see them walking on the sidewalk, there’s a little pep in their step. They are definitely headed towards something. They are business men waking up, ready to start the days work. Which consists of: finding food, finding places to take naps throughout the day, get some exercise in and last but not least, to not get hit by a car or rickshaw. Not only that, they have friends. Best friends. They hang out with each other and have a laugh. You think I’m kidding, but these dogs honestly live in a world of their own. This is their town. When one crosses the busy street, he looks back to see if his friend made it, f not, he goes back to get him. They plan together. You can just hear them “Here, I’ll jump first and see if it’s steady, then I’ll come back for you.” They seem to be in on a joke with each other about us humans on the street. “Man, did you see what that guy just did, what an idiot!” They laugh it up again and then move on to the next thing. One will leave the pack and as he walks away he looks back as if to say “Alright guys, see you tomorrow.”

mila: Yes, dogs with a purpose. Nothing like it. And I must say that I’ve been to many a place that has many a stray dog. Ferrel animals are usually ignored or fly solo. But as my counterpart pointed out, here it’s a whole new game. The canines work together, in conjunction to live, much like the human species… There is obvious communication and sharing of all kinds (space, food, love, you know, whatever). I decided, after not much speculation, that if I were a stray dog, I’d roam the dusty roads of India.

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