The Flight

mila: I absolutely adored the plane ride from Los Angeles to Dubai. It was fantasmical. And by fantasmical I mean horrendous. And by horrendous I mean not so bad. And by not so bad I mean it could’ve been worse. Cause let’s face it, as Ashley says, it could be be worse. If you apply this statement to all things that go wrong in your life it will make you feel better and you’ll do that thing where you shrug and nod in agreeance. It’s true. Next time you get mad or something fails you, say to yourself, “It could be worse.” And somehow, magically, automatically you will feel better. And if that statement isn’t successful in your life then you are just doomed for gloom.
I’m listening to Bryan Adams right now… Music is supposed to help with this sort of thing, and why I chose him is beyond me because it’s not like he makes me feel the culture of India anymore intensely. Maybe I secretly long for America and my mouse finger subconsciously chose Bryan Adams in hopes to connect to my Canadian roots. I just now realized how off topic I am… Let’s get on with it. Ashley, my mother and I flew on Emirates Airlines. If any of you like me who didn’t/don’t know how to pronounce Emirates, let me break it down for you: EM-EH-RITZ. As in the United Arab Emirates. Apparently they’ve only been flying from the U.S.A for four years. I thought it was interesting, or maybe it’s not and in my delirium on board I was fascinated by such facts. For some reason I got to my seat before Ashley and I noticed this old Arabian lady hacking her lungs behind me. I laughed because I knew this would be Ashley’s favorite thing. When Ashley arrived I figured it best to warn her and not let her discover such a treat on her own. The flight crew on this particular flight was truly laughable. I began laughing the second I boarded because I knew this was going to be an experience. This one attendant, Ashleigh was complaining right from the start. She was yelling at all the passengers about their baggage and the Arab passangers yelled back. This man wanted his bag in the compartment above his seat but there was no room so Ashleigh says, “No, no, no.” and the man goes, “Yes, yes, yes.” Again, I laughed. Anyhow, my favorite run-in was with Constantin, a not-so-hetero-male attendant. I was leaving the bathroom, walking back to my seat and I had to pass through the back quarters. My eyes scanned the area as anyone’s would. Constantin was speaking to another joyful female attendant, and he stops and goes, “Yes, please?” and I say, “What?” and he says loudly and more rude, “YES, PLEASE?” I was kind of confused and didn’t understand what the hell was happening so I just said, “Nothing.” and walked away. At any other point in my life, I would have let this bother me and let it fester until I would explode but I’ve come to a place in my life where I’m trying to let these petty things just pass. So I got to my seat and laughed. Later, Ashley and I were getting ready to watch some serious cinema in the form of “Made of Honor” and I had saved my cookies from dinner. All I needed was milk, and Miss Joyful Attendant was passing by with water and I kindly asked for some milk, which annoyed her. She failed to bring it. Three-quarters into the movie I saw her again and asked again, then fifteen minutes later she brought me milk. It was all awesome. That was the tone of the flight, a lot of ignoring, huffing, puffing but overall a genuine out pouring of love, true love.

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