Voodoo Fest


Day One

Date of observance: October 24, 2008
Time period: 4:00 P.M – 11:00 P.M

Bands (in order of viewing)

1. Joss Stone
-Opinion: She has an amazing voice, if I could sing, I’d like to sing like her. But why don’t I like her? Maybe it’s her face or the fact that’s she’s irritating. I don’t even know what it is. But I’m not the only one who feels this way… Can’t put my finger on it, but she is not a likeable character. And she doesn’t put on a good show, as in, not a good front woman. She kind of stumbles around stage and makes awkward comments about politics when we all know she knows jack crap about our government. I started laughing cause she tried to do the “cool artist” thing and bad mouth the politics of Louisiana and no one said a peep, no one cheered or hoorayed alongside of her, everyone just stood there. What a dummy.

2. Wyclef Jean
-Opinion: He was awesome. He had a great presence and really had great showmanship. He played electric guitar behind his head and then later with his teeth. He even took off his clothes, piece by piece, until he showed us his beer belly- that was terribly exciting. At the very end of his set he had the whole crowd jumping in the air and waving whatever they had in their hands and I think we were singing something about carnivals. He spoke about Haiti. He talked about Obama and McCain. Now when he talked politics, people actually listened and clapped in jovial agreement.

3. Erykah Badu
-Opinion: I didn’t even know when she came out on stage because I just saw hair. Literally, her hair was everywhere, she had the craziest wig? on. She’s cool though… I guess cause she Erykah Badu and that’s what makes one cool. There was one part that was really weird cause I didn’t know if the sound went out or not… But then her and her back-up singers were doing this weird clap thing in addition to a clap track but they were totally off and it sounded strange. Anyhow, she shrieked and sang with her hands. And she’s pregnant, no big deal. I smelled a lot of marijuana at this one…

4. TV on the Radio
-Opinion: There was something oddly fantastical about this band. I don’t really know much about them, except I researched them before the concert to familiarize myself with their music. But they had a lot of energy. They reminded me of a really dorky version of N.E.R.D, which is funny when you think about it for like five seconds. They seemed like a bunch of computer engineers who like to make cool music. They were fun.

5. DeVotchKa
-Opinion: They were amazing. Their musicianship was really great. The choice of classical instruments with their eclectic style was really fitting and worked. And they looked really cool in their suits- classy. The singer kept breaking out in Spanish and I actually tried to interpret it to myself in my head and caught maybe three words total. I especially enjoyed the song, How It Ends, it was just thoughtful or some other word to better describe the song. I really dig this band, especially after watching them live I have a new found respect for the band.

6. Stone Temple Pilots
-Opinion: They rocked. Simply put, they were out of this world. I couldn’t have asked for a better show in them. I grew up listening to their music and I still listen to them. When I heard they were playing at the fest I got so excited because they were one of those classic bands that I’ve always wanted to see but never had the chance to. Scott Weiland looked so badass: black tuxedo pants, sunglasses, a hat, and a red and black plaid jacket- which he then took off to reveal a checkered button down, tie and a vest. Almost all of his clothes fell off his body at one point or another and for his encore he wore the coolest Loungefly t-shirt, which I need to find, a scarf and another hat. Talk about presence. There is a lot of pressure when the lead singer doesn’t get to hide behind a guitar and has to actually perform. Much like Mick Jagger, yes, I’m comparing him to a Rolling Stone cause I’ve seen them a few times and I saw a lot of similarities. Weiland seriously brought the house down- with his voice, which sounded so good, and his dancing. It was honestly mesmerizing watching him perform. And every song I absolutely loved, from Sour Girl to Interstate Love Song to Creep. I would totally see them again, they sounded incredible and put on one of the best rock shows I’ve ever seen.

Day Two

October 25, 2008 4:20 P.M – 11:00 P.M

In Order of Appearance

1. Lil’ Wayne
-Opinion: Great stuff. So ghetto, like me, so that’s why I related so well to it. He was a lot of fun and put on a show. I almost got trampled on at this one… For some reason, after every other song, the crowd pushed forward and everyone jumped like fifteen feet. I kept getting shoved around until I started shoving people. There was this wonderfully annoying drunk guy who kept trying to dance with everyone and bothered these teenagers near me, so I pushed him really hard, grabbed the girls and created a blockade so he couldn’t get back to where we were. I did all this whilst dancing and singing. He sang everything from Lollipop to Mr. Carter to A Milli to Mrs. Officer. It was a lot of fun.

2. Fishbone
-Opinion: They were kinda out there at first, until I realized what they were all about, which is basically everything from jazz to ska to punk to… They were very entertaining and musically talented. The lead singer even crowd surfed, very lovely.

3. Ghostland Observatory
-Opinion: The show was insane. I almost got into a fist fight, no exaggeration there. These three sluts were moshing and driving everyone insane and hitting people, I shoved one girl so hard and I told her I would punch her in the face. Meanwhile, GLO were rockin’ it out. Aaron Behren really pulls off being a old school type front man, much like… Mick Jagger? Eek, I’ve made that comparison twice. I’ll go with Freddie Mercury on this one then… Or is that too much? Anyhow, the laser light show to go with the music was a really nice touch. Oh, did I almost forgot to mention that when the sluts started attacking this guy, the guy shoved her into me and I grabbed the girl, restrained her by her wrists and told her to stop or else she’d get kicked out. In no less than five minutes, security pulled them out of the crowd… This duo is very cool.

4. Nine Inch Nails
-Opinion: Like in the vein of STP, this is one of those bands that I never thought I would be able to see but have always wanted to. This show was spectacular. The lights and stage were awesome. They even had a ascending and descending cage that was the full length of the stage. And when it came down, it turned into a TV screen and they had all these crazy digital looking images lit up on it. And for two songs they had scenery photos lit up on there. It was pretty sick. Trent Reznor was really on top of his game. The band truly kicked ass. Everything was really tight and sounded amazing. I danced a lot. They played everything from Closer to Piggy and closed with Hurt. So good.

Day Three

Final date of music: October 26, 2008
Time Frame: 1:50 P.M – 9:15 P.M

1. Cold War Kids
-Opinion: Impressive. They really had their sound together and sounded really good. There isn’t much to see per se but all in all the musicianship is what counts and that was tight.

2. Dashboard Confessional
-Opinion: I didn’t know most of the songs that were played… I knew Screaming Infidelities and that was fun. They also did a few covers, one which was Pink’s So What song. It was kind of just what it was, they sounded fine though. It was so freaking hot that I just laid in the grass and watched the screen.

Pissed off that N.E.R.D were no-shows… That really was not okay.

3. Lupe Fiasco
-Opinion: I really only wanted to hear one song, which was Superstar, and it was last and I had fun dancing around to that one… He was a really good performer though and had the crowd goin’. I didn’t really know much of his music but it was fine, all you have to do is wave your hand in the air and bop. I stood next to these awesome dudes that were dressed like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, totally 80s-style.

Saw a tidbit of Panic! at the Disco… I didn’t know any of their music so I just moved on… I would’ve given them a chance had it not been so stupid hot.

4. Soul Rebels Brass Band
-Opinion: They’re a big deal in New Orleans. They are very talented guys. I love anything that sounds similar to a marching band. They were so awesome. I was blown away by how they got a smaller crowd really dancing and jumping and singing. This was the highlight of the daytime music.

I’m going to blame N.E.R.D for messing up the entire day… Because of them everything got moved around and people were either going on too early or too late and it threw off the entire schedule.

Tried to see Butthole Surfers for old time’s sake but that didn’t happen… Also tried to see Trombone Shorty featuring Juvenile but that also didn’t happen…

5. R.E.M
-Opinion: This was the last band I saw for the night and also the closer to my entire festival weekend. The epitome of the 90s was all wrapped up this weekend and I’m glad it ended with them. They are a classic, and although I didn’t recognize a few songs I still enjoyed them very much. Michael Stipe is a great frontman and everyone was really into it. Their background show was basically live footage of them in 24p and black and white. Then from time to time it would switch to their lyrics or pictures pertaining to the current song. Then Michael, as well as every other band this weekend, told us to vote for change and blasted a picture of Obama on the screen. It was all great and they ended with It’s the End of the World and then came back out for their encore featuring Man on the Moon. I had fun and didn’t really have any near misses with death today.

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