new orleans.

mila: Everyone says… “What’s the point?” To some degree I agree with that question but then I go down there and I see that it does matter after all. Although it is a city that’s basically a bowl, waiting to get filled up every year, it’s still home to so many people whose past and present reside there. And to me that matters enough to help build the city back up long enough for people to enjoy living their lives there as long as it exists. What’s funny is that I always wanted to help people but I could never find the right avenue and this year I decided to give this a whirl… Which is kind of hilarious cause the thought of me doing construction is, well, ridiculous. I had to basically force myself and commit to it and it ended up being the very best work I’ve ever partaken in my entire life. I could not recommend this line of work more… Sweating, bleeding, bruising, exhausting… At the end of the day the culmination of all the hours is well spent and is fruitful because it’s tangible- you see what you’ve accomplished at the end of the day. There is nothing better.

If you are bored and unsatisfied, come out there and do it for a day or two (or more). It’s unregrettable.

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