Nike Human Race 8.8.8

mila: I anticipated the race for quite some time… Enough time to worry that I wouldn’t make it and not enough time to train in order to make it… The night finally came to run and I was excited. I felt utterly motivated to complete this thing even though there was no way my body could handle non-stop running for 6 miles… There were thousands gathered, the energy was intense and at 8:31:08 P.M the alarm sounded and the race begun. A sea of red herded onto Figueroa, everyone, the same… We were all there for maybe not the same reason but we were all there. The air was refreshing, everything felt just good for once. People were cheering, photographers clicking away, bands rocking out… I got in the zone right away, focused right into my music and weaved through the crowd. Around mile 3, I started cramping and thought this was it but then I looked at the back of the shirts of runners in front of me and it plainly said: Just Do It. So I did. I kept running. I pushed right through the pain and kept going. I knew I would regret it if I stopped. Next thing I know mile 5 rolls around and I’m thinking, man I can’t believe I haven’t stopped once… I suddenly became so proud of myself. Also, at this point, I was on Exposition and there were signs posted representing the three charities we were running for: (my charity of choice), and The intensity level heightened significantly and I was overcome with some sort of emotion that totally touched me… I also had the honor of running next to a guy in a wheelchair that was just hustling and was being cheered on by everyone he passed by. Rounding the corner, the finish line was approaching and I, of course put on “Eye of the Tiger” and sped towards the bright lights until I crossed it. It was all over and I felt quite accomplished. And to top off the night, Kanye West performed as did Common, which was pretty much awesome and the crowd went nuts. It was totally worth my while to keep on truckin’… It feels good to run a 10K for a charity.

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